Frozen fruit bulk supply

As a IQF frozen fruit supplier for the food industry and wholesale market, we understand your needs when it comes to frozen fruit bulk orders. Not only are we IFS and Skall certified, we also work hard to ensure year-round consistency in quality and flavour. 


Frozen melon in bulk

Our melon chunks and balls of various species are carefully selected for their vibrant color and their smooth, juicy flesh. You can order this frozen fruit in bulk. We understand that sweetness is a variable quality, which is why we offer multiple sweetness categories to meet the needs of different culinary applications. With our global sourcing, we ensure a high and year-round consistent quality. 

Frozen fruit bulk supply of melon
Frozen fruit bulk supply of pineapple

Frozen pineapple in bulk

We understand that sweetness is an important quality when it comes to frozen pineapple fruit in bulk. That’s why we offer a range of variable sweetness categories to meet the specific needs of different culinary applications and wholesale suppliers. Our IQF frozen pineapples are carefully selected for their natural sweetness and balanced acidity, ensuring good flavour. Additionally, we pay close attention to texture and appearance, ensuring that our pineapples are firm, juicy, and not too fibrous, with a bright yellow or golden color. 

Frozen mango in bulk

Our frozen mango chunks, cubes, and dices are perfectly ripe, sweet, and juicy. They are perfectly suited for frozen fruit bulk purchases. We ensure year-round consistency in size and shape to make it easy for you to resell or to maintain the same taste and appearance in your products. You can trust Frosinn for high-quality, consistent frozen mangoes. 

Frozen fruit bulk supply of mango
Frozen fruit bulk supply of berries

Frozen berries in bulk

Our high constant-quality frozen berries are perfect for wholesale or for use in smoothies, baked goods, desserts, and more. We offer flexible packaging options and customisable solutions to fit your specific needs for frozen fruit bulk orders. 

Frozen coconut in bulk

We select only the freshest coconuts for our non-peeled IQF coconut chunks, ideal for your frozen fruit bulk orders. Our chunks are cut to a consistent size and shape, with a firm and meaty texture that adds flavour and texture to any dish. With a natural white color and a sweet, nutty flavour, our coconut chunks are a convenient ingredient for a wide range of culinary applications.

Frozen fruit bulk supply of coconut chips

How to store frozen fruit in bulk

To ensure the best quality and taste of your bulk frozen fruit, follow these simple storage guidelines:


Frozen fruit bulk supply of blueberries

1. Temperature control

Keep your storage facility at a consistent and safe temperature, ideally at or below -18°C (-0.4°F). This is crucial to prevent thawing and to maintain the integrity of the frozen fruit.

2.Packaging matters

Ensure that your bulk frozen fruit is stored in airtight, moisture-resistant packaging. This helps prevent freezer burn and preserves the fruit’s texture and taste.

3. Proper Shelving

Arrange your bulk frozen fruit on shelves or racks with adequate space for air circulation. This prevents uneven freezing and maintains the quality of the fruit.

4. First In, First Out (FIFO)

Practice the FIFO method by using older stock before newer arrivals. This helps reduce waste and ensures you’re always serving the freshest product.

How to handle frozen fruit in bulk

Proper handling plays a vital role in maintaining the freshness and taste. Follow these guidelines so you can confidently deliver the best to your customers.

Gentle thawing

When it’s time to use your bulk frozen fruit, thaw it gently. Avoid rapid temperature changes that can harm the fruit’s texture. Thawing in a refrigerator is the safest method, allowing the fruit to slowly reach the desired serving temperature.

Avoid refreezing

Once bulk frozen fruit is thawed, avoid refreezing it. This can negatively impact the fruit’s texture and safety.

Hygienic practices

Always maintain strict hygiene when handling frozen fruit. Clean hands, utensils, and work surfaces regularly to prevent contamination.

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Reliable delivery,
throughout the year.

As a wholesale supplier or food industry professional, you need frozen fruit that meets your high standards. At Frosinn, we understand the importance of reliable deliveries and consistent product specifications, especially when it comes to meeting your production deadlines and ensuring the quality of your end products. That’s why we work hard to maintain our high standards and keep the lines of communication open, so you always know what to expect.

Furthermore, we believe in open communication, so you always know who the grower is, what the costs are, and what we deliver in exchange for our fee. With founder Jan Kraaijeveld’s reputation for reliability in the industry and our commitment to transparency, you can trust that we’ll always deliver on our promises. Choose Frosinn for a partner you can count on.