IQF frozen fruit distributer

As IQF frozen fruit distributer with many years of experience, we understand your needs. You can count on our dependable deliveries and consistent year-round fruit specifications. 


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Don’t risk losing clients due to unreliable deliveries

Frosinn has done all the homework for you

So you can enjoy stress free deliveries from your trusted frozen fruit distributer.

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Reliable frozen fruit distribution, throughout the year.

As a wholesale supplier or food industry professional, you need frozen fruit that meets your high standards. At Frosinn, we understand the importance of reliable deliveries and consistent product specifications, especially when it comes to meeting your production deadlines and ensuring the quality of your end products. That’s why we work hard to maintain our high standards and keep the lines of communication open, so you always know what to expect.

Furthermore, we believe in open communication, so you always know who the grower is, what the costs are, and what we deliver in exchange for our fee. With founder Jan Kraaijeveld’s reputation for reliability in the industry and our commitment to transparency, you can trust that we’ll always deliver on our promises. Choose Frosinn for a partner you can count on.


Whether you own a wholesale market or a food industry company, you have high standards for your frozen fruit. We get how vital it is to have fruit that’s just right, every time. That’s why we always make sure our deliveries are on time, and our fruit specifications are constant, year-round. Plus, we believe in open communication with short lines so you always know what’s going on.

Our founder, Jan Kraaijeveld, is known for being reliable in the business, and we always keep our promises. When you pick Frosinn as your frozen fruit distributor, you’re choosing a partner you can count on.

Our service as a frozen fruit supplier

We are here to make things easy for purchasing managers.

A reliable, continuous distribution​ of frozen fruit

As a trusted frozen fruit distributer, we ensure a reliable and continuous supply of high-quality IQF frozen fruit. We work diligently to maintain year-round constant specifications, allowing you to provide a consistent quality to your customers. 

Prompt deliveries make us a preferred frozen fruit distributer

When delays or missing deliveries occur in your supply chain, your reliable frozen fruit distributer is just a call away. Depending on how soon you need your order, we can quickly load IQF fruits onto a ship or deliver from our stock in Rotterdam, ensuring your business stays on track.

Easy transition from your old frozen fruit distributer

Switching frozen fruit distributers can be a hassle, but we like to make it easier for you. We streamline the integration process into your frozen fruit distributer system by providing the necessary documentation promptly. That way, it’s much easier for your Quality Assurance department to approve us.

Competitive pricing​

Our competitive pricing makes us stand out from other frozen fruit distributers. This affordability is a result of our direct relationships with growers and our efficient, low-overhead operation.

Enjoy stressfree delivery in three steps

Schedule a meeting

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Review samples

During the meeting we can discuss your needs. We will bring samples, and information on pricing, delivery schemes and product specifications to help you decide if we are a right fit.

Easily switch to us

We have all the necessary documentation ready for our products, so you can transfer without losing time. Our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible.